Hi, welcome to our new website. This is the first article where I try to give an introduction and overview of who we are, what we do and what we’re planning to achieve.

As you’re probably aware, the outlook for the oilfield has improved in the lower 48 tremendously in the past year or so. The global supply glut continues, and a new downturn is quite possible. There are certainly threats to oilfield jobs this year, and for the foreseeable future.

In fact, anyone who has been around the oil patch for any length of time like I have, will remember plenty of ups and downs. With 30 years under my belt, this is my third serious downturn. Uncertainty and fear is actually the status quo for oil workers like me.

You know what? You get to an age where a few things happen, all at the same time you:

  1. Get tired of being at the mercy of higher executives when it comes to your families future.
  2. Become less employable when it comes to insurance and overseas working visas. Not to mention ageism which occurs in every industry.
  3. Have enough money in the bank that you can afford to take a chance in going self employed, or in starting a business.
  4. Want to be more in control of where, when and how often you work. the offshore rotational or full time positions become less attractive.

So, I’m doing what many others are doing right now. I’m starting my own business. I’m in discussions with a few friends and previous co-workers who are likely to partner with me.

I’ve also approached a couple of previous employers that I’m still on good terms with. It’s likely that they will appreciate my services on an ad hoc basis even though they wouldn’t employ me full time – which I wouldn’t accept anyhow at my time of life.  No sir, I’m financially stable, the kids have gone through college already. I just want to stay busy, helpful and earn some extra money for my retirement home.

A bit to honest? Unprofessional? I am a straight shooting guy and it is what it is. My work history and on-site expertise will speak for itself.

I’m based in, and have worked in the Niobrara region, but will consider any assignments in the USA. Hell, for the right deal I might work overseas again because I do miss the action, perhaps I’ll never retire, especially if this new business takes off.

These posts will be like a diary and record of my journey. I welcome contact from other oil and gas consultants. We’re in this together, we always have been.



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